Who Am I??

I am a woman who never gave up. I did not give up when my father abandoned me. I did not give up when my mother chose crack cocaine over my sister and I. I never allowed life to get the best of me, even when everything was stacked up against me. I’ve had enough hurt and pain to last my lifetime. Because of the hurt and pain people caused me, I thought that was normal to hurt others. But soon enough, life experiences started to teach me, that if I continued to live my life, carrying the hurt and pain I endured as a child. I would be miserable for the rest of my life. I began to understand the meaning of loving myself. I realized that the first step to loving myself was to start a process of forgiveness. As soon as I began this process of forgiveness my life began to miraculously change.

My day to day interactions with people began to change for the better.  The love I was developing for myself began to change the lives of people around me. In my journey, towards loving myself I realized I was not alone. Many of the women around me are carrying hurt and pain from past relationships allowing that to negatively affect their lives. I decided all women should experience the same freedom I have. My passion in life is to empower women by teaching them the power of forgiveness and to believe that they are worthy of God’s love and emotional freedom. My website is designed to provide tools, resources, and the inspiration women so dearly need to lead a well-balanced and fulfilling life.