What's Blocking Your Forgiveness?

What’s blocking your forgiveness?

A releasing of toxic emotional energy can help you change your quality of life. You must clear out pain and suffering because they can cause many struggles in your life. Accepting yourself is also a must. You have to believe that you are valid and valuable. To believe this you need to find a method to push you towards inner healing. Inner healing will free up your limited mind set, and change your feelings about self-love, and the possibilities of life’s fulfillment.

Which is Forgiveness!!!!

Forgiveness can come with many challenges. Letting go of the familiar things from the past is scarier than the unknown possibilities life should offer once your heart is freed from toxic energy. We must learn to let go of what is not needed in our lives so that we can grow. The lesson of forgiveness requires so much practice, and the more you forgive, the past and yourself, the deeper you're healed. Every time you forgive someone who has hurt you, it sends good vibes to you. You have the ability to soak up, the best medicine money cannot buy. Positive vibes of kindness and blessings flow your way. This is a calm, peaceful, happy self!!! In order to soak up the positive vibes, you need to remove any factors in your life that may be blocking your forgiveness. You want to remove these factors to transition your life into a meaningful place.

Factors that block forgiveness:

Resentment plays a major role and maybe one of the biggest factors blocking your forgiveness. Resentment is toxic to any relationships and can keep you separated and disconnected from not only other people but from yourself as well. People can experience resentment for many different reasons. Typically, a person becomes resentful after feeling victimized, which turns to anger, then leads to resentment. Once you begin to take your power back, you understand that you have a choice in how you respond to the behavior of others. You will no longer experience resentment, nor will you blame other people for your negative feelings. Resentment will stop you from experiencing the joy in life you truly desire and deserve. Forgiveness is the key in your emotional freedom and releasing resentment. You have to believe that holding on to anger and resentment is only hurting you. Understand that every life experience offers an opportunity to grow and learn, true freedom can only come in truth and forgiveness. Look at it this way, NOT forgiving creates wreckage that blocks your path and completely stops you from moving forward. When you continue to hold onto that pain and hurt the pathway becomes bigger and harder to cross. Ultimately, resentment is like you drinking poison but expecting the other person to die.


Another factor that will block your forgiveness is self-judgement. If you allow yourself to listen to the small voice inside your head that's creating mental chaos by speaking negativity, encouraging limited beliefs, and self doubt, that voice will keep you stuck in the past. It's like inviting someone to your house who's loud, extremely rude, and messy. Why would you do that? You must keep your mental space CLEAN!!! Self-judgement helps you escape from reality and you become unaware of what's going on around you. You must stop judging yourself and become inspired to change. Change will help you hear a voice of love, peace, and forgiveness. Overall, negative emotions will hold you back from moving forward in life. If you're waiting for someone else to resolve your issues, you'll be waiting a lifetime. The past is the past and you must let it go, release it. In order to be free, you must forgive, even if the person did not ask for your forgiveness. Be willing to take responsibility for your life. Do not allow not forgiving to debit your life's energy until you’ve got a negative balance in energy. Instead, deposit energy into forgiving others, allowing you to reap life’s benefits of peace and prosperity.