Keep It Moving, Girl!!




Just because you deserve an apology, it doesn’t mean you will get one. You must accept that people can be cruel. They might hurt you and not apologize for it. In fact, they might not give a damn about you or your feelings. We all make mistakes and sometimes it’s easier to ignore them. Admitting you’ve made a mistake and apologizing can be one of the hardest things EVER. This would mean accepting YOU did something wrong or bad. Admitting one’s mistakes and apologizing can seriously damage one’s ego. So instead, people like to get away with not apologizing as often as they can. People who don’t apologize are proven to be happier and have more self-esteem. Not apologizing can even give you a greater sense of power over someone else. However, avoiding feeling bad for inflicting pain on someone is no excuse for running away from the scene like a coward. If you were on the other side, if you were the one that’s been hurt, you might feel that you deserve an apology.

Even when you do deserve an apology, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get one. Sometimes, an apology is required, like if you need to get past a crisis in a relationship, or if you need to close a business deal. But in most situations, the apology isn’t really necessary to anyone so it’s often forgotten and omitted. For example, if you're crossing the street and somebody bumps into you and caused you to spill your coffee, an apology would be the least they can do. However, this is a situation when the actual apology isn’t something you can’t go on without. If you keep standing in the middle of the street, waiting for an apology a few things can happen. You might never get an apology because that person kept going, (for whatever reason), or you could get hit by a car, or arrested for blocking traffic. The point is, waiting for an apology will only cause you more damage and pain, you must choose to move on.
It’s perfectly normal to want some sort of compensation for the damage that was inflicted on you. On the other hand, you should consider the possibility of never getting it. You might think that you can’t go on without closure, but you can. The thing is, will you choose to move on? Will you allow yourself, or even worse, MAKE yourself wait for someone else to take care of your emotional needs? Or will you take responsibility over your own life, over all your emotions and actions? If you keep reliving painful situations, you’re living in the past. Living in the past builds up frustration and can cause depression, both are dangerous to your sanity. To live freely, happily, and be the master of your fate, you must let go of the past. Forgive and move on towards happiness.
When you've been hurt, you tend to focus on all the little details: who did it, why, how, etc. but, in fact, it’s much easier to just move on. You don’t always need to be the detective and interrogate everyone until you get the very last piece of information out of them. Sometimes, the information or even the act of waiting for the reason why someone hurt you can inflict more harm than the act itself.

If you choose not to let it go, you’re prolonging your suffering. You might never get the recognition and apology you deserve, so don't let not getting it affect your future happiness. You should learn how to feel better without the desired apology.
Address your own emotional needs. Just like you can’t expect for money to fall down from the sky, you shouldn’t expect for everyone else to take care of your feelings. If you don’t address your own emotional needs, why would anyone else do it for you? People who are happy aren’t happy because they've never been hurt. They are happy because they decided they want to be happy. Being joyful is a choice, not a set of circumstances. If people waited for all their problems to be resolved to be happy, no one would ever be happy. The way to get back on track to happiness after being hurt consists of several steps.

Start by acknowledging that something bad has happened. No matter how tempting it is to skip the painful part, you shouldn’t ignore or deny the feelings that come with pain. Seek self-acknowledgment to help your healing process. When you have allowed yourself to feel the emotional pain, try to pinpoint all the feelings that immerse. Recognizing and identifying your feelings is a good exercise and it’s a way of admitting you have these feelings. Don't compare your experience and reactions to anyone else’s. Try to completely focus on yourself instead. Process what you’re feeling in order to be able to move past it. After analyzing the situation and the emotions, you need to find a way to move on regardless of what’s happening. Release the negativity and focus on the positive things through meditation, affirmations, and prayers. Stop waiting for acknowledgment from others and use self-acknowledgment to aid your healing process. An apology doesn’t have the power to reverse the act that hurt you, so don’t give it imaginary properties. Don’t let someone else decide your happiness by waiting for an apology. Decide to be happy. Give the world a break by staying on the bright side of your thoughts!